How To Choose the Best Payroll Software

When looking for proper payroll software, many employers ask a lot of the same questions. So how do you find payroll software that fits your business as best as possible? Is there a software platform that can apply to your company and its needs? Are there ways to program the software so that it’s as […]

Working for a Younger Boss

Younger employees, including Millennials and even Gen Z “Zoomers,” increasingly find themselves in supervisory positions. When a young executive must manage an older colleague, tension can ensue. The more seasoned worker may harbor resentment, while the younger boss may feel insecure.  The relationship, labeled by sociologists as “status incongruence,” is understandable: it appears to go […]

HR & Payroll Goals for Small Businesses

Because small businesses often have limited assets, it’s vital that they prioritize their human resource objectives. Staffing, budgeting, legal compliance and outsourcing are top HR goals to consider. Staffing To save money, some small employers add HR tasks to the workload of employees who have no (or very little) HR experience. However, this misdelegation of […]

How To Protect Employees’ Private Information

Personal identifiable information is defined as the personal information of an individual that can be used to identify them. According to the Department of Labor, PII can be in the form of either direct or indirect information.  Examples of direct forms of PII include the following: Examples of indirect forms of PII are as follows: […]