What your nonprofit needs for a successful capital campaign

Many nonprofits have put major purchases and other ambitious initiatives on hold during the pandemic. But if you need to buy or expand a facility, purchase expensive equipment, or seed an endowment, your organization may not want to wait any longer. A capital campaign to raise funds can be more difficult at this time — […]

Internet Phishing Schemes: How To Protect Your Nonprofit From Cyberattacks

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous risks for nonprofit organizations. In addition to health-related risks and financial challenges, the pandemic has intensified the threat of cyberattacks. Hackers have grown more sophisticated in recent years. They often target nonprofits because charities hold confidential donor data but may fail to safeguard such data. And the cost […]

Use The Net Gift Technique To Reduce Your Gift Tax Rate

If you’re concerned about the impact of transfer taxes on your gifts, consider making “net gifts” to your loved ones. A net gift is simply a gift for which the recipient agrees to pay the gift tax, thereby reducing the value of the gift for tax purposes. It may also be possible to reduce its […]

The Donor-Advised Fund: A Powerful Vehicle For Charitable Giving

If charitable giving is important to you, consider a donor-advised fund (DAF). A DAF — typically sponsored and managed by a community foundation or commercial investment company — offers many of the benefits of a private foundation at a fraction of the cost. Upsides of a DAF A DAF allows you to make tax-deductible contributions […]