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About ProSystem fx Portal

Portal is a simple and easy to use web application that facilitates secure file transfers and continued access between Wheeler Wolfenden and Dwares, CPAs and our clients. Clients are able to use Portal to download files that we've prepared for you or upload your own files which are too large to send to us via email.

Instant access to your files

Our client Portal allows you to have instant access to key documents from anywhere, at anytime. Simply log in using your personal account provided to you and enter your portal. Whether you're at work or home, you always have access to your tax return, data files or financial documents.


The most important feature of client portal is security. ProSystem fx Portal utilizes 256-bit, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with password protected access. Documents are encrypted before being passed over the internet and while being stored on the Portal. Documents are hosted on a Business Logic Layer, so a username and password are required to access files. In addition, documents added to Portal are scanned for viruses before being uploaded. All files, are maintained behind firewalls to protect against outside intruders.