IRS Tools and Resources To Help Small Businesses

The small business pages on serve as comprehensive guides for people looking to navigate the entire life cycle of their business as well as their business-related tax obligations.

IRS resources website with magnifying glass over link for forms.

If you are starting a business and need assistance figuring out the appropriate form of business entity to establish, these pages are valuable resources. Additionally, you can find helpful tools to obtain an Employer Identification Number while learning how to maintain accurate, organized records for your business.

Whether you’re self-employed, an independent contractor, a gig worker or you have a business with employees, there are tools, in-depth information and educational resources on the IRS website for you — it is your first stop to stay informed and compliant with your tax obligations.

You’ll find resources for businesses with assets under $10 million that need to file these forms:

  • Form 1040 or 1040-SR.
  • Schedules C, E and F.
  • Form 2106.

This is where you can locate tools and resources as a gig worker. If you operate a digital platform marketplace or you have a company that manages the taxes of gig workers, this is the place for you.

This part of the IRS website offers information, tools and resources for people who operate firms or work as self-employed professionals.

This displays due dates, actionable tasks and reminders. You’ll have the option to view all events at once. Alternatively, you can filter them by month, if not semiweekly. You can opt in to receive calendar reminders, which will be sent to your email address on file. From there, you can import the calendar into your own calendar system on your devices so you never forget a due date or the time of an event.

This is a free tax payment system for your business where you can pay your federal taxes online. For your convenience, you can also pay your taxes over the phone if you prefer.

This helps new business owners understand the taxes they owe and when and how to pay them.

These are free email newsletters that cover a vast array of tax-related topics. An eNews subscription can provide you with tax information and reminders for upcoming tax dates. This resource is ideal for small businesses, payroll professionals and IRS partners alike.

By visiting the small business pages on the official IRS website, you can find federal tax assistance when it comes to managing the closure of your business. This includes guidance on handling employee matters, information on how to file the necessary forms and insight into properly maintaining your records. The website can also notify you of how to take the required tax-related actions before shutting down your business.

The IRS hosts workshops, seminars and meetings specifically tailored for small businesses. They take place at various locations all over the country. These events aim to provide small business owners with valuable insight. Plus, they can offer support and understanding in fulfilling your federal tax obligations.

To access additional information about IRS tools and resources designed to help small businesses, take a look at the official IRS website. There, you will find helpful tax tools and resources that can aid you in your success. In particular, be sure to visit the Small Business webpages on the official IRS website.

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