Using your financial statements to recalibrate your estimates

Offering a fair price for quality workmanship lies at the heart of every contractor’s long-term success. Finding this critical balance begins with the estimating process. Over time, however, even the most sound approach to estimating can slip a little bit and require recalibration. The good news is that the tools for the job lie right […]

Using planned gifts to help secure your nonprofit’s future

Planned (also known as deferred) gifts come as close to a sure thing as your nonprofit will ever likely encounter. They’re often more substantial than other types of donations and, because they specify an amount and date (or event, such as the death of the donor), they can help you secure your organization’s future with […]

WW&D welcomes two new staff

Wheeler Wolfenden and Dwares, CPAs is pleased to welcome Leslie R. Dorsey, CPA and Manuel Rodriguez to its professional staff. Leslie R. Dorsey, CPA has joined WW&D’s tax practice as a manager. Leslie has more than 13 years of corporate tax experience in the agriculture, business services, chemical manufacturing and retail sectors. She earned a […]