Judge issues injunction against new overtime rule

by David M. Wolfenden, CPA, CVA, MS, Managing Director

In recent months, we have written to you about the new overtime rule and how it could impact construction firms and nonprofit organizations. The new regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act were set to take effect on December 1. Implementation of the new overtime rule has now been delayed by order of a federal judge.

Specific details of the injunction can be found in this article in The New York Times.

Timothy Holly, Chair of the Delaware State Chamber’s Employer Advocacy & Education Committee, summed up the announcement in a LinkedIn post:

“The bottom line is employers are not required to implement the pay hikes or reclassification to non-exempt status to deal with the rule implementation that has been coming. For now, nothing changes from how things have been for a long time. The salary threshold for exempt status remains $23,600. But stay tuned as more developments are sure to come.”

Our team will continue to monitor developments in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact Dave Wolfenden at (302) 254-8240.

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